Almost any piece of jewelry can be re-designed to your liking, whether it's shortening a necklace, adding beads, or even completely transforming a piece from one type to another.

Some examples of alterations include:

  • Shortening a bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings
  • Adding or removing beads
  • Substituting clasps or earring findings
  • Transforming a lonely earring into a pendant or a bracelet charm
  • Turning an ankle bracelet into a regular bracelet, or vice versa
  • And still more!

If you have a piece that calls for adjustments to make it comfortable and uniquely yours, ask Elizabeth Lassing how to make it possible! Below are just some examples of alteration services that are available.

Findings Substitution

Jewelry findings - the components that fasten, hook, secure, and dangle our beautiful accessories - are essential to making our jewelry wearable. When our earring hooks are uncomfortable or our necklace clasps are difficult to work with, our favorite pieces of jewelry inevitably find themselves in the back of our jewelry boxes where they remain forgotten for ages.

But Elizabeth Lassing can easily switch out your jewelry findings to make your pieces comfortable and easy to wear again. These earrings are an example of such an alteration: these charming red apples and golden hoops were originally suspended from a pair of clip-ons, making the earring uncomfortable to wear. Elizabeth Lassing removed the original clip-ons and substituted golden posts in their place, making the earrings comfortable and even lighter in weight for maximum enjoyment!

Style Changes

Sometimes we see a piece of jewelry in a store that we like or almost matches what we're searching for, but it's just missing a little something. We can find ourselves commenting, "if only it was shorter," or, "if only it had more sparkle to it," or "if only it had just that little something extra to it, then it would be perfect."

These earrings are a perfect example of such a wish. A mother-of-the-bride needed to find a pair of autumn themed earrings to match her brown and gold gown for her daughter's special day. She found a pair of gold leaf earrings, but found herself wishing: "if only they were shorter and had some brown pizzazz - then they'd be perfect!" Elizabeth Lassing was able to remedy the earrings by shortening the chains and adding lovely brown faceted crystals, allowing the mother-of-the-bride to have her perfect earrings for her daughter's big day!

From Earring to Pendant

For all those lone earrings that have been sitting in your jewelry box, this alteration is the perfect way to wear that mismatched earring again. Here is an example of a single, brilliant earring without its mate.

But making this earring wearable again is no trouble for Elizabeth Lassing! With a few beautiful Swarovski crystals and shimmering round beads with the complement of a dark chain, this earring becomes a beautiful new lightweight necklace that can be worn for any occasion.

When 1 Becomes 2 Again

A unique way to save a pair of earrings when a match is lost is by taking the materials of the lone earring and splitting them up to make two identical earrings again!

This particular feather earring was an extra long accessory with two feathers and plenty of chain. The feathers were separated and cleaned up, each chain segment was divided into two, and Elizabeth Lassing even located a perfect match to the round hematite bead at the top of the earrings. In just minutes, this lonely earring became a matching set, ready to wear and enjoy again!

Shortening Necklaces

Every neck and body is different, so it's important to have your jewelry be comfortable just for you to enjoy. Here is an example of a fabulous necklace purchased on a Caribbean vacation, but the beadwork up the neckline was just too long for its owner, leaving the necklace to hang almost at stomach level. The necklace also originally featured a barrel clasp for fastening, which was a poor quality and proved difficult to use.

But this type of alteration is yet another easy fix for Elizabeth Lassing. The beadwork was undone and the necklace was shortened to a choker length, now able to rest perfectly around the base of the wearer's neck for maximum comfort. The barrel clasp was also replaced with a traditional lobster clasp for easy day-to-day wear, putting the finishing touch on making this necklace fully customized and exactly what the owner wanted!

Request an alteration!

Do you have a piece of jewelry that needs to be altered just for you? Contact Elizabeth Lassing to find out how!