Not only should every customized piece of jewelry be breathtakingly beautiful, but it must make the one who wears it radiate to be just as lovely! Take a peek at how some of Elizabeth Lassing's most unique designs truly glow with stunning elegance when worn!

  • Wedding Pearl Drop

    This exquisite bridal necklace is a stunning accessory that matches all types of gowns. The neck is lined with genuine Swarovski white pearls outlined in over 200 brilliant clear Swarovski bicone crystals. The center piece weaves together delicate crystals and two pearls to suspend a luscious pearl teardrop. The necklace is finished off with a sterling silver lobster clasp to ensure an easy wear and long lasting life for this spectacular piece.

  • Crystal Emerald Royalty

    This absolutely breathtaking and exquisite set combines the luxurious blend of diamonds, gemstones, and pearls to create a lovely pair of earrings, elegant bracelet, and stunning necklace! The necklace features five gorgeously bold 18mm emerald-cut Swarovski crystals, offset by luxurious soft white "coin" shaped pearls and diamond-inspired crystal clear Swarovski bicone crystals. Intricate sterling silver space beads rest between every pearl and crystal bead. A single emerald cut Swarovski crystal dangles from the necklace as its pendant. A handcrafted chain lines the back of the neckline, crafted with sterling silver wire and 4mm Swarovski pearls and crystals for a comfortable wear. The matching bracelet follows the pattern of the necklace, using 14mm emerald-cut crystals in place of the 18mm emerald-cut crystals. The matching earrings feature a single 14mm emerald-cut Swarovski crystal topped with a sterling silver spacer bead. The earrings are suspended from lovely sterling silver earring wires and measure to have a length of 25mm, or 7/8", from below the earring hook.

  • Vintage Rose Crystal Lace

    This absolutely exquisite set is elegant, dazzling, and perfect for any occasion! With a splendid collection of sparkling Vintage Rose Swarovski bicone crystals blending together with shimmering gold seed beads, this gorgeous necklace envelopes the neckline in a playful and lavish design. The necklace features a single, larger, blooming lacy flower on the left hand side with gold seed beads and more Swarovski crystals springing to life in its center. Two lucite flowers with a hint of the vintage rose tint are woven onto the necklace on either side of the lacy blooming flower. The matching earrings are woven from the same collection of crystals and seed beads and follow the design pattern of the necklace's stitch. Both the necklace and the earrings are finished off with 14k findings for the clasp and earring wires. The necklace measures to be 18" long but can be customized to be any length needed.

  • Pearl and Woven Crystal Bead Elegance

    This elegant necklace is a lovely collection of gleaming pearls and dazzling, handcrafted crystal beads. The necklace features five custom crystal beads, woven from delicate seed beads and sparkling Swarovski crystals. The pearls lining the necklace are Swarovski pearls, which are each created by coating a crystal core to give each pearl the weight and flawlessness of genuine pearls. The necklace is finished off with a sterling silver lobster clasp for each wear.

  • Freshwater Pearl and Crystal

    This lovely set is crafted from freshwater pearls and sparkling clear 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals. The necklace strings a pattern of two pearls for every crystal, and suspends a pendant created from a delicate cluster of pearls and crystal each dangling individually on sterling silver wire. The necklace measures to be 18" in length and is finished of with a sterling silver lobster clasp for an elegant finish and comfortable wear. The complementing earrings each feature a cluster of more freshwater pearls and sparkling Swarovski crystals, mimicking the design of the necklace's pendant.

  • Precious Pearlescent

    A lovely tri-strand bracelet comprised of beautiful pearlescent Swarovski Pearls and accented with Swarovski clear crystals with an aurora borealis finish. The bracelet uses a sleek sterling silver clasp that slides two ends together into a single barrel, keeping the uniform look to the band and making the piece easy to put on.

  • Large Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

    This beautiful bracelet is a simple but bold design in combining lovely and large freshwater pearls with dazzling Swarovski crystals. The bracelet features a pattern of two freshwater pearls - measuring approximately 8mm long - with Swarovski's perfectly faceted 8mm clear bicone crystals. Delicate clear seed beads with a silver lining rest between each pearl and crystal for a touch of shimmer to the piece. The beads are strung onto durable beading wire comprised of steel strands woven together with a nylon coating finish, and the bracelet is finished off with a sterling silver toggle clasp for an elegant and easy wear.

  • Wedding Flower Royal Pearl

    This lovely bracelet is a gorgeous accessory for a bride or any lover of elegant pearls! Flawless white Swarovski pearls are handwoven into a smooth, rich pearl band that can be customized to any length to fit any wrist. The bracelet is adorned with rows of shimmering seed beads with sparkling Swarovski crystals and beautiful lucite white flowers. The bracelet is finished off with the most elegant of toggle clasps made from sterling silver, making the bracelet easy to put on and take off, while still keeping the elegant look of the entire piece.

  • Blissful Wedding Pearl Bracelet

    This exquisite bracelet is a dream accessory for any bride with any styled gown and just as lovely for any woman who loves true elegance! Gorgeous smooth white Swarovski in three different sizes are joined with dazzling Swarovski clear bicone crystals to create this luxurious bracelet. The bracelet is finished off with a stunningly elegant sterling silver toggle clasp, making the bracelet easy to take on and off and its gorgeous design is a perfect match for the diamond-and-pearl combo.

  • Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace

    This necklace features a gleaming gem of a heart comprised of two layers of 6mm Swarovski crystals. The cord is woven of delicate clear seed beads with a silver lining and over sixty 4mm clear bicone crystals overlaying the cord.

  • Amber Leaf Plethora Set

    Necklace and earrings hand-woven with shimmering yellow beads accented by topaz seed beads and brilliant green leaves.

  • Gold Tipped Green Roses

    These lovely flowers are hand crafted petal by petal and accented with gold painted tips. This is a beautiful selection for lovers of nature and a truly unique style.

  • Copper Leaf Set

    This beautiful set is carefully crafted from copper wire to create dangling leaf charms with beaded accents both inside the leaves and around the neckline.

  • Peacock Feather

    This exquisite necklace is dazzling, unique, eye-catching, and sure to receive compliments! Sparkling clear Swarovski crystals are woven into seed beads and chrome Swarovski crystals displaying an array of greens with hints of blues and golds in a design that bears homage to the proud peacock's feather. This necklace is a must for those who love to be bold and dazzling!

  • Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Set

    Celebrating the crystal clear beauty of the winter season, this lovely set features elegant earrings woven with 4mm clear Swarovski bicone crystals with a dangling teardrop, a matching a snowflake pendant woven with 6mm clear Swarovski bicone crystals, and a stunning hairpiece comprised of over fifty 6mm clear bicone crystals.

  • Floating Caribbean Blue Opal Set

    This lightweight necklace and matching earrings subtly sparkle with a perfect balance of soft Czech blue crystals and dazzling clear Swarovski crystals. Perfect with a summer evening dress or your every day casual wear.

  • Champagne Crystal Teardrops

    This simple and elegant necklace combines sparkling champagne colored glass crystal teardrops with Swarovski crystals, Swarovski Pearls, and the finest quality Japanese seed beads for a dazzling choker and luxurious pair of earrings.

  • Crystal Vitrail Light Lariat

    This dazzling set laces together beautiful seed beads that display an array of violets and blues along with Swarovski crystal stunning cosmic rings and accentuating bicone beads.

  • Wedding White Pearl Drop Earrings

    A lovely accessory for your special day or on any special occasion, these exquisite earrings feature Swarovski crystals and pearls paired together to create a simple but unquestionably elegant design that is sure to wow!

  • Icy Forest

    This lusciously cool necklace blends dazzling clear Swarovski crystals with a vivid array of blue leaves to capture winter's beautiful brisk aura. Celebrate your love for one of the most magical seasons of the year with this exquisite set!

  • Crystal Lace Necklace

    Over 200 4mm Swarovski crystals in black and silver are laced together with 4mm and 6mm white pearls to create this elegant necklace.

  • Flourishing Pearl Sun Earrings

    Delicate, lovely, and timeless are just a handful of ways to describe these beautiful earrings. A single 6mm Swarovski pearl is enveloped in layers of 4mm Swarovski pearls with accents of silver lined clear seed beads. These earrings are a beautiful way to celebrate spring's blossoming flowers, the summer's radiating sun, or winter's delicate snow.

  • Caribbean Blue Crystal Lace

    This breathtaking set sparkles and glitters like the sun dancing on the ocean's waves! With a beautiful collection of turquoise and sapphire blues and sparkling clear Swarovski crystals, this lacy choker and matching earrings are certain to wow!

  • Midnight Nebula Set

    Jet black Swarovski crystals fall into the background of this piece like the night sky, allowing the beautiful colors of a nebula shine brightly in the delicate seed beads that weave this unique set together.

  • Turquoise Double Chain Set

    These brilliant beads stand out on any skin type with any outfit, and the delicate chain connecting them gives the illusions that he beads are almost floating about the wearer's neck!

  • Amber Leaf Set

    Celebrate the beauty of autumn's golden amber all year around with this lovely set. Its beautiful leaves and shining crystals are sure to catch attention and draw wows!

  • Brilliant Crystal Set

    The radiance of this set is captured in the three baroque clear Swarovski crystals with an aurora borealis finish. A lovely accessory for special occasions or a simple on-the-go elegance, this set is a must for any individual of any tastes!

  • Blue Chrome Crystal Set

    Jet black bicone Swarovski crystals with a brilliant aurora borealis finish yield a stunning blue chrome finish for this sparkling set. Accompanied by clear 4mm and 6mm bicone and teardrop Swarovski crystals, this beautiful set is sure to captivate its beholder!

  • Glass Leaf Set

    Combining the sky's energizing blue with spring's soft green, this splendid set combines fire polished beads, Swarovski crystals, sweeping silver branches, and a bold glass leaf pendant to create a design unlike anything you've seen before!

  • Pink Shell Dangle Earrings

    A lovely way to embrace summer, these beautiful earrings feature three soft pink spiral shells each suspended from a delicate chain and topped with a subtle Jet black Swarovski crystal. A perfect choice for the individual who loves bold, dangly earrings to make a splash!

  • Abalone and Crystal Set

    Bold and striking, this unparalleled necklace is guaranteed to awe in its shimmering collection of greens, golds, and brilliant Swarovski crystals.