No matter how high the quality is of a piece of jewelry, no matter how careful we are, pieces still get snagged, tangled, twisted, worn, mis-shapened, and just plain broken down. But that doesn't meant that your jewelry has reached its end!

Elizabeth Lassing can repair broken links, re-string mis-shapened pieces, tighten stitches on woven accessories, replace beads and sequins, substitute one style of earring hooks for another, and still more! If your jewelry is in need of some TLC, just ask Elizabeth Lassing about the possibilities.

Following are examples of the types of repair services that Elizabeth Lassing offers. Don't see a type of repair that you need for your jewelry? Contact Elizabeth Lassing to inquire about how your jewelry can be brought back to life!

Broken Link

This is the most common type of broken jewelry, but it's a quick fix for Elizabeth Lassing. This simple bracelet suffered stress in two different locations, causing the links to open and the bracelet to fall apart. But with just the right tools and just a few minutes, Elizabeth Lassing can reassemble your broken piece of jewelry and secure all of the links to reduce the chance of further breakage.

Mis-shapened Necklaces

With age and storage, many necklaces and other pieces of jewelry become tangled and twisted, losing their pristine appearance and comfort. Some pieces are not even strung properly when they are first created, which causes the piece to fall awkwardly around the wearer's neck and the beads pinch the back of your neck. With better materials and proper stringing, Elizabeth Lassing can fix your necklace so that it not only looks beautiful again, but you can wear it with complete ease and comfort.

Stubborn Clasps and Findings

A beautiful piece of jewelry is of no use if you can't even wear it. We depend on the ease and strength of findings: the components jewelry that hook, clasp, dangle, and secure our favorite accessories. This particular necklace featured a filigree hook clasp, which was difficult for the wearer to work with even for an occasional wear. But with a simple substitution for a more standard lobster clasp, this necklace was instantly transformed from a burden to a favorite.

Beaded Accessories

Elizabeth Lassing can repair more than just your favorite pieces of jewelry. This example shows a lovely butterfly sun catcher purchased from a glass museum whose hook fell off the day it was purchased. Not only that, but the beads dangling below the butterfly were poorly attached and, as a result, hung lopsided. With the skills of jewelry wireworking, Elizabeth Lassing recreated the dangling links so that they hung beautifully and correctly from the butterfly. The hook was also reattached and strongly secured to ensure that this beautiful piece remains hanging on your window and catching a full day's worth of sun.

Beaded Dresses

Many beautiful gowns use a variety of gorgeous beads and dazzling sequins that can easily snag and become unwoven from your dress. While sewing is an easy task for many, finding the perfect matching beads to replace the lost ones is quite challenging. Elizabeth Lassing has a vast collection of beads of all shapes, styles, and colors, and can help you add beads back into your favorite gowns at an incredibly affordable rate.

This gown is just one example of such a repair. A young girl was excited to wear this beautiful dress to her junior prom, but with a fun night of dancing came an abundant unraveling of patches of beads. Upon asking the bridal shop to repair the missing bead patches, the bridal shop did not replace the missing beads, but rather removed more beads from the back of the dress to fill in gaps of beads in the front - at the absolute dismay of the young girl and her mother. Needing a real repair solution, they turned to Elizabeth Lassing to ask if the right beads could be located to fill in all of the missing bead patches on the gown. In just days, Elizabeth Lassing had the dress repaired back to new with the beading pattern fully re-established. The gown was ready for a senior prom, and the now-senior young lady was thrilled to have her dress ready for another night of beauty and dancing!

Do you have a piece of jewelry or other beaded accessory that needs repair? Contact Elizabeth Lassing to request a repair service!