Elizabeth Lassing specializes in creating custom pieces of jewelry. With endless style possibilities and thousands of beads in the world that can help create your perfect piece, the sky is the limit!

Some examples of jewelry customizations include:

  • Matching an outfit for a special occasion such as a wedding, prom, New Years Eve parties, and more;

  • Having a piece customized for a special someone to incorporate their favorite colors, style, and inspirations;

  • Matching a piece of jewelry that you already have to make a complete set;

  • Having one of Elizabeth Lassing's original designs altered to match your unique taste;

  • Taking an idea inspired by a song, a favorite place, a work of art, or anything else and having it brought to life in a whole new way;

  • Or just dream of your ideal piece and have it created just for you!

Following is a collection of real special requests for Elizabeth Lassing's expertise in creating one-of-a-kind pieces for all types of tastes and occasions. Read on to get inspired on how Elizabeth Lassing can create a piece for you that is uniquely yours!

"I need something to match..."

With a wedding to attend on the horizon, a young woman had ordered a pair of delicate pearl and crystal earrings and was looking for a stunning ring to match. Upon perusing Elizabeth Lassing's collection of jewelry, the woman found a style of ring that she felt would make the proper splash with her dress. So she reached out to Elizabeth Lassing and asked, Given the specific earrings I will be wearing for the wedding, can you make me a ring like this one that would match the earrings and go with my dress?

With a few ideas discussed, Elizabeth Lassing crafted a ring that the woman absolutely loved. Inspired by the earrings which were predominantly pearls with crystal accents, the ring was designed to be the reverse of the earrings, featuring a brilliant burst of crystals with pearl accents so as to complement the earrings without directly matching them. The ring's design was perfect for the special occasion and could still be worn with a variety of outfits for all kinds of occasions!

"I am looking for something Caribbean..."

A jewelry fan was looking for a new bracelet that celebrated her love for the Caribbean blues and summer. Wanting something full of pizzazz but still comfortable and easy to wear, she asked Elizabeth Lassing, I am looking for something with a Caribbean theme, something with pretty blues and feels very summery. But I also need the bracelet to be easy to work with, as I have trouble putting on jewelry on by myself. What can you create?

To make the perfect bracelet, Elizabeth Lassing sought out rare Caribbean blue Swarovski bicone crystals to be paired with more organic, rounder Czech crystals to create a sea of blues and whites for the base of the bracelet. Playful silver starfish charms along with more sparkling Swarovski crystals were suspended all along the bracelet for lightweight pizzazz. The bracelet was finished off with a lovely mermaid toggle clasp, keeping the holistic theme of the bracelet while still providing an easy way to take on and take off the bracelet without extra help. The woman absolutely loved the bracelet and was thrilled that it was both stunning and easy to wear!

"My wedding has a winter theme..."

A bride-to-be was planning a beautiful winter themed wedding to take place on New Year's Eve. She discovered Elizabeth Lassings' Swarovski Crystal Snowflake earrings and requested a collection of earrings and pendants for herself as well as the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom. She then thought about how to include her bridal party into the glittering winter accessories, and asked Elizabeth Lassing, Could you create hairpieces with larger snowflakes for my eight bridesmaids?

With quick planning and a plethora of shimmering Swarovski Crystals, Elizabeth Lassing designed a bold and glittering hairpiece that gave the illusion of a brilliant snowflake dancing upon the wearer's hair. After each snowflake was woven, Elizabeth Lassing wove through them a second time to reinforce them for strength, and then adhered each snowflake to a simple silver comb that could slide into a variety of hairdos. The eight hairpieces were carefully packed when shipped to the bride-to-be, and were a beautiful addition to the winter themed wedding!

"I LOVE your design but I want one in pink. Totally in pink!"

A fan of Elizabeth Lassing's designs absolutely loved the Spring Eden Set design: a lush necklace that weaves together hundeds of delicate beads, Swarovski crystals, and acrylic flowers and leaves to create a stunning garden upon the wearer's neck. But while the original blue and green colors were gorgeous together, this particular jewelry fan just absolutely loves pink, and was dreaming of this gorgeous set in her favorite color!

To re-create the Spring Eden design in an entirely new color palette, Elizabeth Lassing searched high and low for the right shades of pink that would blend together and bring the piece to life without drowning itself out. Every detail of the necklace and earrings were substituted with beautiful pinks and shimmering clear beads, including the beautiful handstitched butterfly that flutters front and center of this amazing necklace. The customer was ecstastic when she laid her eyes on this lovely custom design, and now she can enjoy this stunning set that was crafted exactly just for her!

"Can you make me something more... masculine?"

Many times when one thinks of the word "jewelry", they think of women wearing fancy accessories. But not all jewelry is for the ladies! One young man discovered Elizabeth Lassing's line of magatama jewelry, and while he did like them, he wasn't sure if a pendant on a chain was the right style for him. So he asked Elizabeth Lassing, Can you make a magatama necklace that is a bit more suited for a male wearer?

Elizabeth Lassing knew just the thing for him: instead of suspending a magatama charm from a silver colored bail, she tied it into a Chinese Knotted Cord to create a bold piece that was comfortable to wear and sure to make a strong statement. The design was right on the money for the customer, and he decided he had to order two of them: one for himself and one for his brother who loved the design too!

"I found these really cool pieces of nature. What can you do with these?"

A young woman found quite an usual treasure while hiking one day - the toe bones of a deer - and thought about how amazing it would be to transform these into something she could wear. Knowing that Elizabeth Lassing can craft all kinds of custom pieces, she reached out to ask, I was thinking that turning these into a pair of earrings might be kind of cool, but how could it be done? What would be the best look for them to make them look neat but also preserve the natural aura about them?

Elizabeth Lassing fulfilled the request by designing a lightweight, organic wire cage that enveloped the tops of the bones to create a sturdy but non-distracting setting for these unique pieces. The wire frame securely held the bones in place without the need of using glue or any adhesives so as to preserve the integrity of the bones. Thin silver colored wire was twisted together to give a slightly elegant appearance to the bones without taking away from their unique character, and the earrings were suspended from long silver colored hooks for extra dangle. The customer absolutely loved her new pair of truly unique, one-of-a-kind earrings!

Questions or ideas?

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