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Express yourself through beadacious creations.

Elizabeth Lassing presents unique, handcrafted jewelry using beadweaving and wireworking techniques to create an array of spectacular pieces for all types of occasions and styles. Discover the jewelry that is a vivid and soulful expression of who you are and is so much more than just a pretty collection of beads that you wear. From classic jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bracelets to fun accessories like barrettes, eyeglass holders, bookmarks, and wine rings, Elizabeth Lassing offers a little bit of everything when it comes to designing with beads.

And there's even more available to fellow jewelry fans: Elizabeth Lassing offers services such as lessons, birthday parties, customizations for special events, alterations and repairs of your own jewelry, upcycling of unique pieces, and still more. Take advantage of all of the great resources here at elizabethlassing.com to discover the possibilities.

Zoom Lesson

Announcing: Zoom Lessons!
Getting started in the creative world of jewelry making is just a click away. Lessons are for students of all ages - children or adults - and range from the beginnings of stretchy bracelets to lavish beadweaving necklaces. Check out the Lessons Page for full details.

Also check out Elizabeth Lassing on Outschool! Join fellow students from across the world for creative and collaborative group lessons in jewelry!